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The Mistakes that May End Up so Costly for You in Your Government Request for Proposal

Responding to a Federal Government Request for Proposal in most cases carries a number of pitfalls that actually await the uninformed contractors seeking to win such contracts. In an effort to avert and do away with the old habits of a majority of the contractors where they would copy and paste old proposal responses as they responded to the government RFP’s, nowadays the agencies are quite aware of these habits and as such have come up with new strategies that are more thorough in the source selection as they go through the responses from the general public. When you want to respond to the government Request for Proposals, as a contractor you need to understand all that is required of you to do so as to ensure that you effectively and successfully respond to the RFP’s.

Amongst the factors to consider and look into as you go for the government contracts is to ensure that you have a proposal writer who quite thoroughly understand the all that goes into the source selection process and what will be looked into as your bid is evaluated. Below is a look at some of the Request for Proposals response ideas.

What is one of the most important things is to have an understanding of all the mandatory instructions that actually go with each of the Government Request for Proposals. Most contractors always have their bids for the contracts thrown out as a result of the fact that they always fail to follow these instructions and criteria and as such their bids are seen as noncompliant as stated in the RFP criteria and instructions. The other fact that you need to ensure is that when you are bidding for the technical proposals you demonstrate a total understanding of the government requirements. Basically, the agencies will have a look and consideration of some four basic factors as we will see mentioned following. What will come first is the fact of your understanding of the requirements.

Secondly, the agencies will consider the technical approach that you have to convince them that you can perform. The other factor that you will have the agencies consider as they see your suitability for the project is that of your experience in doing similar contracts and of similar complexities. Finally what you will have the agencies look into is the fact of the reasonableness of the offer that you have in prices and as well the risk factor involved. One costly mistake to avoid in your response to the government Request for Proposal is to not repeat language in the solicitation. You will have to tell the government exactly how you will get down and handle each and every detail of the Statement of work.

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